Tacco Scarlatto - About Us

We have always been in love with women and their magical world.
We are convinced that by combining head, hands, heart, experience and passion in what we create for the female world can only seduce the other women. Because women are the center of the world and who better than a woman can invent and realize that what is well-liked by the other women?

Know each other better:

In our team there is Julia who has always dedicated his life to fashion, hand-sewing and Made in Italy. Her daughter, Scarlet, is inspired by the idea that innovation and tradition are not an ordinary oxymoron, a contradiction. She believes that they  enhance each other.

Both know what the woman of today, modern, cosmopolitan and smart must always have to live in freedom own style whichever that might be.

And then there are the Scarlet Roses, the narrators of this ambitious project that will guide you in the knowledge of a world full of passion, creativity and Made in Italy.

Finally .... the last but not least .... there are ALL OF YOU: our Scarlet Angels!


Tacco Scarlatto - Mission

Make and make every woman feel unique and special. Because each of us has a pair of wings closed within itself, ready to certain endless ascent ... (cit. Ruggeri)


Tacco Scarlatto - Values

Absolutely the Made in Italy: design and creation are chosen with amazing dedication and attention and they are only Italian and our rowning achievement. Made in Italy is not just the label, but our Italian character, our way of living, thinking, and of being unique and unrepeatable.

The creative genious, the sophisticated design, meticulous attention to details and needs of each woman are the essence of every product signed Tacco Scarlatto.