Why do I need a high heel protector Made in Italy?

I can give you 8 good reasons why you can not do without the Tacco Scarlatto high heel protector:

1) it could be simply sufficient an only one false step to irreparably damage your heels, even the bigger ones;

2) you can finally walk freely wearing your favorite shoes and you will never have to worry again about cobblestones, grates, uneven pavements and/or stains caused by grass and car mats;

3) you can unleash your imagination and personalize your shoes as and when you decide by matching - from time to time - the colour of heel protector not only with the tone of your clothes, accessories and nail polish but also your unconventional mood;

4) you can win the cobblestones in a more discreet way taking advantage of invisibility of transparent nuance proposed in two versions (glossy and matte) to respect even more the natural colour of your heels;

5) you can protect all your heels regardless of the shape that most prefer;

6) you can apply it on heels already ruined;

7) your outfit will have a shabby look if you wear shoes with ruined heels (probably you do not have the time to look out them but I can assure you that the others will do!);

8) it is always frustrating having to throw those new shoes out if it were not for that ugly heel ... 


Is it fitting for any shapes of heel?

Stiletto, spool, square, hourglass, wide or thin we alone have the right high heel protector for you!


What type of high heel protector can I choose?

Choose the round or pointed stiletto heel protector if you have got thin/average thin heels, while the wide heel protector if you like heels bigger. If you wish, we can offer you special personalization. Send us an email with all the details to info@taccoscarlatto.it and together will find the right solution for you!



Round stiletto heel protector: 6 cm (height) e 5 cm (width)

Pointed stiletto heel protector: 7 cm (height) e 4,5 cm (width)

Wide heel protector: 10 cm (height) e 16,5 cm (width)

Don’t you find the right size for you? Send us an email with all the details to info@taccoscarlatto.it and we create an heel protector ad hoc for you!


Transparent or coloured: What colour I choose?

Tacco Scarlatto has selected and continually select for you a variety of colors to let you the freedom to choose the perfect nuance for your outfit.

Choose it CLEAR if you want a discreet and invisible heel protector. Respect even more the natural color of your heels choosing between gloss or matte depending on their shininess. If the color of your shoes is brilliant choose the glossy version, otherwise that opaque. Only you know you're wearing it!

Choose it COLORED (MATTE, GLOSS, SATIN OR METALLIC) if you want to make your style even more exclusive and to complete your outfit with charisma and elegance!
Don’t you find the right colour for you? Send us an e-mail with any details to info@taccoscarlatto.it and we will create an heel protector ad hoc for you!


How can I apply it?

See our tutorial available on the homepage or on our YouTube channel. The application takes a few minutes and only 6 easy steps:

  1. If you want you can apply the impregnating spray on clean and dry heels
  2. If needed, cut the protector to fit heel height and width
  3. Remove the protector starting from the bottom corner and minimizing fingerprints on the back
  4. Place the protector starting above heel cap
  5. Press firmly in place upwards and outwards to the left and to the right
  6. If needed cut excess product to fit heel size with scissors or snap-off blade utility knife

If you wish, you can apply a transparent protector above that colored to increase the resistance.


I made a mistake in my application, what can I do?

If you have not exercised the right pressure during application it is possible the formation of small imperfections. Relax, if you want you can remove the heel protector always starting from the bottom corner and apply it again following 4 and 5 steps of the previous section. 


Can I use the hot hair-dryer?

Yes, for an easier application you can point the hot hair-dryer directly on heel protector before and/or during the application. In the first case, remember to use the hair-dryer on heel protector equipped with its protective film. Warning: the hair-dryer used for more than 10 seconds could make the heel protector very hot.


What is the best time to apply it?

You can apply it at any time even if you should do it as soon as possible on all your shoes to avoid you unpleasant surprises at the end of the day. 

Can I apply it on heels already ruined?

Yes, and in particular I suggest the colored version because it is covering. Attention: if the damage has been such that the silhouette of your heels is significantly changed (such as a big hole), remember that the heel protector can help you to renovate and/or give a new color to your heels but not regularized the shape. The heel protector has been designed to be easily applied to any shape of heel without altering its original profile.


Can it be applied on any kind of material?

Yes, although we do not recommend the use on genuine snake skin/horsehair. However you can use it over heels in patent, leather, wood, suede, fabric, satin, metal etc ...

When and how do I remove it?

Remove it when it is ruined to the point of not being able to ensure adequate protection to your heels. It is not recommend to keep it applied for long periods of time (more than 6-9 months).

Can I use it in the rain?

Absolutely yes, the heel protector is your ally even in the rain and your heel will always stay dry and clean.

Where can I buy it?

At the moment you can only buy it in our e-shop www.taccoscarlatto.it but several collaborations with various partners are currently ongoing. I'll keep you updated about our news.

Do not you find the answer to your question?

Contact us by sending an email to info@taccoscarlatto.it, we will reply as soon as possible!